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Highpoint's magnificent property dates back to 1854 when the its founders placed the stone foundation of what is now known as the "Mill Barn". Since that time, this iconic estate has changed hands a few times but its beautiful history continues to grow and age like a fine wine. In 2005, more than a 150 years after that first stone was laid, Randy & Karen Cyman founded “Highpoint Orchard”. For nearly 15 years, they planted, cultivated, and built the footing for what is here today. In 2019, Vital and Kuyhlia Hulsbosch took over the property and began shifting its focus toward an event venue. With their remarkable efforts, they expanded the large barn which led the way to our "Gathering Hall" which seats up to 300 comfortably.  

Most recently, in September of 2022, Eric and Alyssa Rowles, the founders of Rowles Event Services took ownership and assumed the operational duties of this special place. In a partnership with the Russ Hubler Automotive Group, this team of life long friends / family continue to build and reimagine the wonderful traditions created at this historic venue. 

For the Rowles, Highpoint has quickly become a family affair. Together, everyone plays a part in ensuring that the grounds are meticulously cared for and that each and every guest to the property leaves in aww of its scenic views, family like customer experience, and the feeling of peace that is only found at the Highpoint!

For more information of how we can be your Highpoint, please contact us at:

317-432-1924 or


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